The future of human evolution isn’t biological. Robot Central’s mission is to bring awareness to this evolution as it is happening. We see and understand the significance of events that are often dismissed as scientific novelty or consumer gadgetry and do our best to point out their role in The Big Picture. We also try to recognize the human element in all its social, political and economic glory and strive for a balance and a consideration of all points. This doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t make judgement calls, but we try to open a conversation rather than head one off through brash opinion making or strictly sterile robotic reportage. In addition, we want to create a positive atmosphere and a forum for that open conversation to happen.

Eric Wind

Eric Wind, Chief Blogger

Eric Ray Wind is our Chief Blogger.  Eric’s passion to explain complex scientific concepts using simple terms was influenced by Sagan, Tyson, and Nye (yes, the science guy) but Foucault, Paine, and Chomsky are a few that influenced his view on how technology might affect society.

Eric is also reporting for two Texas newspapers covering human interests and politics when he’s not blogging here.

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